#igpb_doorporn Contest

A new IG photo contest has been launched: Its name is “igpb_doorporn” and it works like the ones you know – all kinds of doors are considered, but in addition you are asked to submit your pictures on this website. You then have the chance to be part of the (printed!) photobook from this challenge. This is necessary for legal reasons, because we need your OK to publish your pics in the book. Submission is easily done by selecting your photos directly from your stream after logging in with your Instagram account.

Our goal is to publish a photo book with the most beautiful pictures of doors on Instagram.

The tag of this contest is #igpb_doorporn. So, have fun, good luck and please help to spread the word! :-)

4 thoughts on “#igpb_doorporn Contest

  1. I tried to submit a pic before the deadline but it won’t give me the option. I didn’t see a timezone on anything…is it too late?

  2. @Dawn: I’m sorry, this was a bug in the software. It is fixed now and you should be able to submit to this challenge. Thanks for your comment and notification!!

  3. hey.. i tagged it on instagram but couldnt submit on time cos of some server problems.. can i submit it again?

  4. @gim yong: I’m sorry, but the #igpb_doorporn Challenge is closed now; it would be unfair to others if we accept late submissions. Hope you understand!
    But maybe you have some photos for the other two challenges on BIKES or BRIDGES…?!

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