And the winner is…

The jury of our first challenge has spoken. And the winner is…

But let me first THANK YOU ALL for your participation and all those great pictures.

Here are some figures: We had 439 submissions for the #igpb_doorporn challenge. Those were from 138 Instagramers – so the jury had quite a lot to do. :-) Another big Thank you! goes to the members of the jury: @goldie77, @herrkrueger, @kfsch and @thomas_k. Thanks for taking the time and for giving me so much valuable input!

We voted with a system of 3 points: 1 = ok, 2 = very good, 3 = brilliant. A zero-value meant no rating because of wrong topic or too abstract etc. All pictures have been presented anonymously and in random order, so that the owner was not recognizable by the judge. If a member of the jury had submitted his or her own pictures, they were not rateable by this member.

And now: Here is the only picture that got all 3 points by all 5 jury members:


Winner of the #igpb_doorpon Challenge

Winner of the #igpb_doorpon Challenge: @skwadra

Congratulations, @skwadra!!!

And congratulations to all other participiants!

Here is the complete list of all results.

So what’s next? First, I’m preparing the photo book. Second, there are two more challenges which have to be managed: #ipb_bikes and #ipb_bridges. Please feel free to participate! Third, there will be many more challenges in the future! And fourth, I’m working on the next release of the backend software that will allow you to host and manage your own challenges and invite your own jury, etc.

But for the moment, again, thank you all for your support!


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