InstaChallenge Photobook “#bridges”

Here it is: The InstaChallenge photobook about #bridges just appeared! On 56 pages (high quality photo paper) the top pictures of the #ipb_bridges Challenge on Instagram of summer 2011 are compiled.
Just thanks to the number of contributors it is a great book on contemporary iPhone Photography and shows how fascinating and creative Mobile Photography is.

Thanks to all participiants and special thanks to the members of the jury!

The international order number (ISBN) is: 978-3844804348.

Available at Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, BoD, etc.

2 thoughts on “InstaChallenge Photobook “#bridges”

  1. Hello ! This is a great initiative ! I am trying to shake up the Parisians Igers to do the same. In France, artists rights make it a little more complicated but hopefully first opus before the end of February. I have a question for you, although not related to instagram, would you recommend books on demand rather that a local print shop or blurb ?

  2. @mydame: Thanks for your comment!
    I’m sorry for answering that late, but I’m currently re-thinking the same question. I’ll post an article with my experiences within the next days. In short: I would recommend book-on-demand if they offer international shipping. (Unfortunately the German BoD-service is not able to ship hardcover photobooks to foreign locations.)

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