Win Ca$h with your Photo

#ic_lightchallThis new InstaChallenge is organized by a scientific organization which is looking for photos of artistic value on the theme “light”.

All photos will be evaluated by a jury. The jury will decide on two criteria:

  • Photos are excluded if they are not on the theme of this InstaChallenge (“light”).
  • Photos are excluded if they are not of artistic value.

The scientific organization will buy up to 140 of the participating photos which fulfill these two criteria. Each of the participants will earn at least $10 and may earn much more, as they are interested in buying various rights attached to the photo. So you can increase your income by granting more rights.

To participate, sign in as usual at here and follow the instructions. The challenge will run from February 1 to February 14, 2014 and is hosted by For more information, see

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