Company services

Today announces the launch of some additional services for companies. Thanks to the astonishing growth of Instagram we are now able to help companies with branding by taking advantage of various possibilities Instagram provides. The main goal is to show companies a creative and more engaging way of customer communication through mobile photography.

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Yes, you can!

You can use the platform to host and manage your own challenge! Just login, go to the dashboard page and create your challenge by setting up its parameters, such as topic, hashtag, rules, start- and enddate, etc.
You constantly have full control and information about the progress.

We already tested the system with a couple of successful challenges (see list). In addition, the whole website is accessible with an iPhone.

Using InstaChallenge has many advantages against pure tagging:

  • All participiants confirm that they agree with your rules; they login with their Instagram account, so you can be sure that they are authorized.
  • Only those pictures count that were registered on the website. There is no upload; pictures are selected from the stream using the Instagram-API.
  • You can invite a Jury to help you with the voting. This also makes the whole process more transparent and professional.
  • There is only one central place for submitting, editing and for viewing the results.
  • I’m working on an additional option that automatically generated photobooks from the results of the challenge.

And of course, it’s free!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Jury Meeting

The first #InstaJuryMeeting :-) took place in the Espresso-Lounge in Berlin (the #instahibit place; remember?) with @goldie77, @herrkrueger, @kfsch, @thomas_k and @king_fisher. Main topic was a discussion about what and how to vote using a first version of the online voting tool, which will soon be available to the public to host individual challenges. We expect the first voting results of the #igpb_doorporn challenge by the end of this week. So stay tuned!