First Birthday!

Today, one year ago, InstaChallenge started as a small website with limited functionality. Since than a lot of Instagram Challenges have been held using this platform. Some of them resulted in real photo books containing the winning pictures.

Thank you all for using, discussing and improving InstaChallenge!
We have lots of ideas to go further.

(And please have a look at the current challenges!)

Winner of the #icp_bikes Challenge

The jury has voted and came to a clear result.
And here it is: the winning picture of @cirkeline:



And this is really unique: 4 photos of @cirkeline are among the top 7. No fake. The jury was definately independent and voted without seeing what the others voted.

Please find all results on the #icp_bikes page. (And guess who is in the next category…!)


InstaChallenge is more what this site is about. The old name “InstaPhotoBook” represented only the possible result. In the next steps you will be able to create your own individual challenges, invite a jury, judge the submissions and present the results online and (otionally) as a photo book.

Software development is making good progress. I’ll keep you informed!