#bikes Photobook released

Now available as a book-on-demand from Amazon: #bikes: iPhone Photography!

On 44 pages this book contains all winning pictures with more than 8 points on high quality photo paper. Pictures with at least 12 point have a page on their on. The books international order number (ISBN) is 9-783842-380851. Price is 29,90 Euro.
You can order from Amazon or (theoretically) in any bookshop.

The complete results can be found on the #ipb_bikes results page.
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#doorporn Photo Book Published

Here it is!

The #doorporn photo book is now available from blurb.com! I ordered two copies. One softcover (19.95 €) and one hardcover (34.95 €) – and I’m very satisfied with both options! The print quality is great – and we don’t have to talk about the content! :-)
The 46 pages book features the top 125 photos of this challenge; rated with at least 8 points (only one picture got the maximum of 15 points).


You’ll find the complete results of the challenge here.
Again, thanks to all participiants!

Test photobook available

In order to evaluate the print quality (image resolution is limited!), I just produced a first test book (available here) using some pictures of my last trip to Italy. The result is satisfying, so we can start with the first “real” photobook, which will be a copy of the first Instagram exhibition in Germany, hostet by @herrkrueger. (All paricipating photographers will be mailed and asked for permission within the next days.)

More information about the exhibition can be found on the InstaHibit website.